Establishment of a Public Library: Reading for Change is a project to help inculcate reading habit, foster employability and to give access to education to vulnerable groups of our local community. The idea, at the initial stage, is to set up a public library to celebrate the “National Reading Year 2015” and to inculcate reading habit; it will gradually scale up to setting up IT infrastructure and processes and reach out to more people in need of better services.  

More specifically, the public library will gradually develop into a hub aiming to expand access to education and services to the communities. The ‘reading for change project’ is ambitious and will be effective in providing communities with manifold services. It will in the near future aid other community based organizations (CBO) and Community Information Centers (CICs) with digital devices filled with useful educational content. It will also provide IT and other technical equipment that can be used for delivering efficient public service and for educational and professional development purposes. The hub will upload second hand technologies and eventually distribute these pre-loaded devices to CBO/CICs so that they can use them for providing services and for specific trainings and courses.  As the devices will be from donation and the educational content will be taken from free creative common licensed sources, the incremental cost for each new device will be virtually zero. This way the hub can scale up the impact in the communities very fast. 



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