“Beyond the Silk Route”: Travels of a Bhutanese Prince

Beyound the silk Route

 This book by Afroze Bukht presents a fast moving account where the reader is transported in rapid succession, sometimes  into the ancient days of Alexander and Constantinople, and sometimes, into the medieval era of Genghis Khan and his Golden  Hordes.

 The narration is a curious mixture of frivolous banality and historic events which are interwoven together in a fabric revealing    the mandala of life of His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wangchuk of Bhutan.His Royal Highness’ unwavering dedication to  his King and his lifelong service to his people is the stuff of Bhutanese folklore. And yet, no one may claim to be able to fully  separate the man from the Prince. Here we meet a Prince liberated from the protocols of his station, savoring his freedom as  a common man as he travels through various countries. The long and arduous journey is spiced with his charm and grace  which never fails to win the hearts and minds of all those who come across him. It is an account of one of His Royal  Highness’ many travels abroad. The affable Prince is seen as a keen and observant traveller, seeing way beyond the eyes of  a casual tourist.

 The Prince is a born traveller who has explored every nook and corner of his country, braving the hardships in the days when    roads were scarce and mules and horses were the only available means of transportation. It was these sudden sightings of  this elusive man, in remote dusty villages of his country that had earned him the sobriquet of a peripatetic Prince. On this occasion, the long march takes the reader on an overland journey in which the landscape keeps changing with every step and with every change you begin to see the world in a different light. In this riveting account, the reader is invited to take that first step and before he can realize it, he will be swept away into the distant lands “Beyond the Silk Route”, in the delightful company of His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wangchuk of Bhutan.